Our Board Members

Bosie Griffith President 706-658-7266
‘Nick’ Niklow Vice President 706-743-5960
Jimmy Grant 2nd Vice President 770-503-6636
Jo Robinson Recording Secretary 470-208-4654
Doug Hill Treasurer 706-340-8099
Jerry Goettig Membership 706-612-8267
John Autry Operations 706-224-6869
Jack Rice Requisitions 706-757-3741
Billy Mac Sgt at Arms 706-247-5534
Mac McCrary Security 706-795-3288

Welcome to LZ Friendly

Thanks for Stopping by and checking us out.  We sure hope you will join our Veterans family.  Our Reunions are one of  kind in Georgia. It’s a place where

Family-Friends-Veterans can get together in friendship.

Our Memorial Day/Labor Day weekend festivities and ceremonies are unmatched.  Give a holler out to Bosie Griffith for more information.

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